Truck Camper Adventure – Review

Truck Camper Magazine – Article

We started our company with portable wind generators and unique mounting systems for truck campers and sailboats.

Then we built a power station that we kept charged with a wind generator for all the devices we used while camping.

As solar panel technology became more efficient and affordable, we added solar to our camping system.

It worked so well, we decided to try it out at home.

We set up a solar panel and station for the office and discovered we could run a lamp, document shredder, desktop computer, TV, and printer for free.

Then we tried it out in the shop. It powered the lighting and a number of the power tools – mini belt sander, small table saw, drill press, etc.

And, of course, it is perfect in an emergency for keeping all our communication devices charged and ready.

Our Sundance power station will give you and your family the same peace of mind we have discovered.